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Humanities Department Scholarship 2012
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Zapalska, A. & Waid, A. (2012). Learning Business Spanish with the Use of a Collaborative Exercise. Glotodidactica Journal,2 (III).

Books and Book Chapters 

  • Sulmasy, G.M. & Tribolet, C.A. (2012). The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. In P. Rosenzweig, T.J McNulty & E, Shearer (Ed.), National Security Law in the News (pp. 145-159). Chicago, IL: The American Bar Association.

Book Reviews 

  • Rivero, E. Desintegración y justicia en el cine argentino contemporáneo [Desintegration and Justice in Contemporary Argentinean Cinema] by Gabriela Copertari in Teatro. Revista de Estudios Culturales 24 (2012).
  • Rivero, E. Arqueros en mi fiesta [Contemporary Spanish Poetry Book] by Miguel Mula Soler in Teatro. Revista de Estudios Culturales 25 (2012).
  • Zuczek, R. Civil War Book Reviews of The Jackson County War: Reconstruction and Resistance in Post-Civil War Florida, by Daniel R. Weinfeld. Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press (2012).

Conference Presentations 

  • Gay, T. (2012). Challenges in Teaching Intelligence Analysis. Paper presented and panel discussant at: The University of Mississippi/Defense Intelligence Agency Five Eyes Analytic Workshop, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS.
  • Gay, T. (2012). Use of Case Studies and Structured Analytic Techniques in Intelligence Studies (Mumbai). Paper presented and panel discussant at: The International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) Conference entitled “Intelligence Education: Theory and Practice,” Joint Base Anacostia Bolling, Washington, D.C.
  • Gay, T. (2012). The Use of Structured Analytic Techniques for Critical Thinking at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) and International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) Intelligence Education and Training Day, Fairfax, VA.
  • Gonzalez, J. B. (2012). Integrating Latino Literature into Spain’s American Studies Curriculum. Fulbright Annual Conference, Valladolid, Spain.
  • Gonzalez, J. B. (2012). Teaching at a Time of Occupations. APUNE Annual Conference, Madrid, Spain.
  • Hall, G., & Zuczek, R. (2012). Putting the SELF in Self-Study. New England Association of Schools and Colleges Annual Workshop, Southbridge, MA.
  • Jernquist, K. (2012). Research Findings: When Faculty Engage Their Majors with Disciplinary Language. Panel on Knowledge Transfer: First-year Writing and Writing in the Major, Council of Writing Program Administrators, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Jernquist, K. (2012). Developing Major Voices: Transforming Faculty, Transforming Future Colleagues. Panel on Developing WAC Communities, International Writing Across the Curriculum, Savannah, GA.
  • Jernquist, K. (2012). Major Voices: Cross-disciplinary Collaborations and Undergraduate Transformations as Writers. Panel on Understanding and Inventing Institutional Policies and Practice, Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MO.
  • LaMonica, C. (2012). Real World Challenges to Correcting the Gender Gap in African Studies: My Travels With CQ Press and Others. Women Peace and Security Conference, Naval War College, Newport, RI.
  • LaMonica, C. (2012). Twenty-First Century Challenges to Coastal Governance in Nigeria. New England Political Science Association, Portsmouth, NH.
  • LaMonica, C. (2012). U.S. Coast Guard Strategies for Enhanced Security in the Littoral Regions of Western Africa. African Politics: Today: Challenges and Prospects, Conference in Honor of Edouard Bustin, African Studies Center, Boston University, Boston, MA.
  • Rivero, E. (2012). Ficción Urbana Y Nuevas Sensibilidades [Urban Fiction And New Sensibilities]: Palcante (2007) Y Parir (2009) De Andrés Ressia Colino Y Neuronina (2009) De Elena Solís. Sixth International Conference of the Hispanic Association for the Humanities, Madrid, Spain.
  • Rivero, E. (2012). Retrato De Familia: Espacio, Nación Y Políticas De La Memoria En La Película Whisky (2004) ”[Family Portrait: Space, Nation And Politics Of Memory In The Film Whisky (2004)]. New England Council of Latin American Studies Annual Conference, Yale University, New Haven, CT.
  • Smythe, T. (2012). Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Collaborative Coastal Ecosystem Based Management Planning Processes. Coastal Society 2012 Conference, Miami, FL.
  • Smythe, T., & Thompson, R. (2012). Using Mental Models and Social Network Analysis Methods to Understand How Practitioners Develop Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management Plans. Social Coast 2012 Conference, Charleston, SC.
  • Waid, Alexander. (2012). El laberinto del fauno: Deconstructing Fascist Spain and the Catholic Church. Northeast Modern Language Association, Rochester, NY.
  • Wingrove-Haugland, E. (2012). The Duty to Care: Moral Sensitivity as a Moral Imperative. Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum.
  • Wingrove-Haugland, E. (2012). Moral Sensitivity, Dehumanization, and the Rules of War. Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum.
  • Wink, Karen. (2012). Deliberative Discourse Surrounding the Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell'. Rhetorical Society of America Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Wink, Karen. (2012). Effective Verbal and Written Commentary for Student Drafts. Perspectives on Writing & Rhetoric: A Symposium Honoring Jeanne Fahnestock. University of Maryland. College Park, MD.
  • Youngman, J. A. (2012). Organized and Chaired Panel on ‘Future Maritime Security Challenges’. Naval Surface Warfare Association.
  • Zuczek, R. (2012). Writing to the Standards. New England Association of Schools and Colleges Annual Workshop, Southbridge, MA.

Other Publications 

  • Gay, T. (2012) Intelligence Development Program at the Coast Guard Academy Infuses Intelligence into Education and Training. On the Horizon, a Publication of Coast Guard Intelligence.  
  • Sulmasy, G.M. (2012) "A Hybrid Court for a Hybrid Warrior," New York Times, November 18, 2012.
  • Sulmasy, G.M. (2012) "U.S. Must Head Off Middle East Conflagration," The Hartford Courant, November 16, 2012.
  • Sulmasy, G.M. (2012) "How Will Candidates Meet Foreign Challenges?," The Hartford Courant, August 31, 2012.
  • Sulmasy, G.M (2012) "Hard Diplomacy Key To Syrian Crisis," The Hartford Courant, June 1, 2012.
  • Waid, Alexander. (2012) "Brown on the Inside." (poem) Leaflet. Fall, 2012.
  • Youngman, Judith A. (2012) Testimony: Enhancing Research on Integrated Maritime Governance, Connecticut Maritime Commission, State of Connecticut.
  • Youngman, Judith A. (2011-2012) Department of Defense Post-Employment Restrictions. Washington, DC: National Academy of Public Administration, 2012.
  • Youngman, Judith A. (2012-2013) Department of Homeland Security, Maritime Center of Excellence Prospectus and Selection Committee.

Speaking Engagements 

  • Gay, T. CDR. (2012) Critical Thinking in Intelligence Studies. Presented at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Center for Advanced Studies Luncheon Series, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT.
  • Gay, T. CDR. (2012) Coast Guard Intelligence. Presented at: St. Cloud University and University of Mississippi Center for Intelligence and Security Studies Summer Study Abroad, Comparative Study of U.S. and U.K. Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Intelligence, Alnwick, England.
  • Gonzalez, J. B. (2012) Hispanic, Latino, What is the Difference? Keynote Speaker at Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration. Plattsburgh State University.
  • Gonzalez, J. B. (2012) Barcelona Floricanto Literary Festival. Featured poet.
  • Gonzalez, J. B. (2012) Our Heritage, Our Lives. Featured speaker at Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration. University of Florida.
  • Gonzalez, J. B. (2012) Shaping our Future. Featured Speaker at Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Raritan Valley Community College.
  • LaMonica, C. (2012) South Africa: U.S. Strategic Partner and Regional Hegemon, Seminar to mid-career U.S. and other state military officers with Glenn Fedzer, U.S. Foreign Service, Africa Desk, BRICS Discussion Series, Naval War College, Newport, RI.
  • Rivero, E. (2012) Invited speaker at Prof. María Amparo Cruz-Saco´s Economics class: 237 ECONOMIC GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT IN LATIN AMERICA, Topic: XXI Century Uruguayan Society and Economy, Connecticut College, New London, CT.
  • Smythe, T. (2012) Marine Spatial Planning: The Solution to the Crisis in Ocean Governance?. Invited guest lecture in University of Rhode Island Department of Marine Affairs Graduate Seminar.
  • Smythe, T. (2012) Marine Spatial Planning in the Northeastern U.S.: Lessons Learned from Practice and Research. Invited guest lecture at “Joint Fact-Finding and Visualization for Maritime Spatial Planning” Workshop, Vancouver, BC.
  • Smythe, T. and R. Thompson. (2012) Using Mental Models and Social Network Analysis to Understand How Practitioners Develop Coastal Ecosystem Based Management Plans. Invited guest lecture at the Environmental Protection Agency Narragansett Bay Office of Research and Development.
  • Sulmasy, G.M. (2012) “Anticipatory Self-Defense—the Israel - Iran Crisis” and “International Organizations and the Use of Force” Panel Chairs, International Law Weekend at the NYC Bar Association and Fordham Law School, October 25-26, 2012.
  • Sulmasy, G.M. (2012) “National Security Challenges 2012", Sponsored by the New York City Lawyers Chapter, October 10, 2012.
  • Tribolet, C.A. (2012) The Modern Law of Naval Warfare. Invited guest lecturer at the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, San Remo, Italy.

Awarded Grants 

  • Gonzalez, J. B. (2012) Fulbright Scholar to Spain. One of five designated Fulbright Senior Scholars to Spain. Taught undergraduate and graduate courses in American literature at the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • LaMonica, C. (2012). Center for Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups, Naval War College. Funds used for July 2012 trip to Liberia in preparation for CIWAG Case Study (draft now under review) on the establishment of a Liberian Coast Guard in Monrovia, Liberia.
  • Riedner, R.; Malone-France, D.; Hart, A.; Thompson, R.; Schell, E.; Baddeley, J.; & Jernquist, K. Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion (IDI) Grants Program Designing Writing Curricula for Student Veterans: Best Practices and Policies 2012-2013, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 2012.
  • Smythe, T. “Assessing the Impacts of Hurricane Sandy on New York City’s Maritime First Responders and Response Infrastructure.” University of Colorado Natural Hazards Center Quick Response Grant Program, 2012. Funded by National Science Foundation grant number CMMI1030670.

Cadet Projects 

  • Berg, A., Fecskovics, A., Gavelek, A., & Sikora, J. (2012). Use of Structured Analytic Techniques in Intelligence Studies (Mumbai). Cadet Research Symposium, New London, CT. Advisor: T. Gay.
  • Bradley, K., Costolo, R., Hurtt, M., Manley, A., & Ward, K. (2012). Maritime Safety and Security Capacity-Building Evaluation, Advanced Research Project sponsored by United States Africa Command. Cadet Research Symposium, New London, CT. Advisors: K. Krystinik, C. LaMonica & J. Youngman.
  • Fecskovics, A. (2012). Use of Structured Analytic Techniques in Intelligence Studies (Mumbai). International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) Intelligence Education: Theory and Practice, Joint Base Anacostia Bolling, Washington, DC. Advisors: T. Gay.
  • Hartwell, C., Hill, J., King, I., Leclaire, R., & Sullivan-Springhetti, J. (2012). Defense Language Proficiency Test (Spanish). Examination taken in April, 2012. Advisors: E. Rivero.