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Electrical Engineering Cadet Projects
During their senior year, Electrical Engineering (EE) cadets take a two-semester capstone design course. The focus of these two courses is to teach the students the skills and concepts needed to succeed as a Coast Guard project engineer and project manager. Classroom discussions cover the engineering design process including needs identification, system requirements, system reliability, budgeting and scheduling. Additional topics include engineering ethics, society and technology, and contemporary electrical and computer engineering topics. Field trips to Coast Guard labs and project-related trips to various locations are included.

In the lab, cadets conduct a two-semester major engineering design project. Working as an apprentice engineer alongside faculty members and contractors as part of a small Coast Guard project team, students are confronted with real-world engineering problems that require formal resolution with no predetermined outcome. A typical project includes requirements definition, computer programming, computer algorithm design and system implementation, data gathering and analysis, and presentation of results in a formal paper and oral presentation. 

For current EE senior capstone design projects please visit the EE Capstone Projects page. 

Directed Studies in Electrical Engineering 

As students progress in the major, some discover an exceptional interest in a particular topic. Normally, students take a directed studies course in their 2/c (junior) or 1/c (senior) year; a directed study course allows a cadet to study a topic of particular interest in greater depth. 

Students must obtain approval from their academic advisors and the Electrical Engineering Section Chief to conduct independent research. The directed study is directed by a faculty member during a 3-credit hour class. 

Acceptance is generally based on your potential for independent work, as success in these courses depends greatly upon your initiative, effort and enthusiasm. 

For further information on current research in the Electrical Engineering Program at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy email Program Chair, CDR Kelly Seals, or call him at (860) 444-8541.