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What to Expect
The Coast Guard Academy is not your typical college experience, and AIM is not your typical summer program. During AIM you will live, learn and compete with those who:

  • Are looking for more than just a degree,
  • Are physically fit and adventuresome,
  • Enjoy science and math, and
  • Want to step out of their comfort zone.

A Higher Standard. A Higher Purpose. 

During AIM, you will be held to a higher standard: the Honor Concept. Because cadets and officers are called to a life of public service, their words and signatures are regarded as verification of the truth. Thus, cadets live by the hallowed words engraved in Chase Hall: “Who lives here reveres honor, honors duty.” The Honor Concept is demonstrated when you put the interests of others ahead of your own.

The Creed of the United States Coast Guardsman reflects on our higher purpose and the bond between shipmates and those the Coast Guard serves.  During AIM, you will have the chance to experience this bond.

While attending AIM, you are encouraged to embrace the spirit of the Honor Concept and Creed, making both your own.


From the moment your AIM battalion forms up, you will move non-stop. Your day starts with reveille and calisthenics at 0600 (6 a.m.) and ends with taps and “lights out” at 2200 (10 p.m.). In between, you will be in the classroom, on the athletic field, or Washington Parade Ground. You will experience the military discipline, physical training, team building, and leadership development that make up Swab Summer. Expect to be pushed physically. Plan to encounter safe but stressful situations; you will learn to respond effectively in times of hardship or crisis, such as you might experience during a Coast Guard mission.

Expect your biggest challenges and rewards from your cadet cadre, who walked in your shoes just three years earlier.

Featured Events 

AIM Robotics on the Water (AROW) Competition: You and your teammates work with cadet cadre, Engineering faculty, and engineering mentors to design, build, and test a waterborne robotic device able to perform Coast Guard missions. Teams compete for honors and awards in Roland Hall on Family Day.

FIT Workshop: A top-ranked AIM program, the FIT workshop equips you with your college game plan. You will have the time and resources to answer these important questions:

  • Why are you here?
  • Who are you?
  • What do you want to do and why?
  • Where do you want to pursue your goals?
  • How will you get to your destination?

Family Day: Show what you’ve accomplished during the week by welcoming your family to the campus at 0800 (8 a.m.) to watch the AROW competition, battalion review, and graduation! See the Forms and Downloads section for the Family Day schedule and parking instructions.

A Typical Week 

DAY 1: Check in; uniform issue; opening ceremony
DAY 2: Ship or aircraft tour; AROW intro; FIT workshop; ship simulator; marching practice; intercompany athletics; physical fitness exam (PFE)
DAY 3: AROW; sailing; campus tour; shooting range; Admissions Officer introductions; FIT workshop; marching practice
DAY 4: Sailing; AROW; FIT workshop; cadre time
DAY 5: Indoctrination test; intercompany athletics; FIT workshop; lunch with athletic coaches; Admissions Officer Q&A time; diplomas; Hopley Yeaton Ceremony
DAY 6: Family Day; AROW demonstration; group photo; graduation ceremony