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Frequently Asked Questions - Early Action
Q:  What is Early Action?
A:   To have your application considered for Early Action, all application materials must be submitted by October 15 – this includes at least one set of official prerequisite test scores (SAT or ACT) received before the aforementioned deadline. In other words, you must take the ACT and/or SAT in enough time for the scores to be received by CGA before the deadline. If you are offered an appointment as a result of Early Action, you have until May 1 to accept or decline the offer.

Q:  Is there an Early Decision program?
A:   The Academy does not participate in Early Decision.

Q:  Is there an advantage to applying for Early Action?
A:   There is no disadvantage to applying for Early Action. If you receive an appointment through Early Action, it is non-binding and you have until May 1 to accept the offer.  Approximately 40-50% of the incoming class is appointed under Early Action.

Q:  Who is eligible to apply for Early Action?
A:   If you are applying as a high school senior or as an active duty member of the military, you are eligible to apply under our Early Action Program. Applicants applying from college or completing a post-high school program are not eligible since we require an official and complete fall semester transcript from their current academic year. Similar to active duty members of the military, high school graduates who are not currently attending college or completing a post-high school program are also eligible to apply for Early Action.

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