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Mrs. Shannon Castineira
Greetings! My name is Shannon Castineira and I am the DoDMERB Liaison and Coast Guard Academy Medical Waiver Coordinator here on the Academy campus. I am excited for the opportunity to assist you with questions or concerns you may have regarding the medical or waiver procedures that take place during your application process. I work closely with DoDMERB, the Coast Guard medical waiver authorities and the rest of the Admissions staff to ensure that our applicants are medically qualified to accept awarded appointments into the upcoming class.

I originally enlisted in the Coast Guard in 2000. I attended and graduated from Health Services Technician (HS) A-school in May of 2002 in Petaluma, California. From there, I have been stationed at the two Coast Guard accession points, both for enlisted members in Cape May, New Jersey and the Coast Guard Academy. I also have had the privilege do attend Independent Duty Health Services School (IDHS) in 2005. That school gave me the opportunity to serve on one of the Coast Guard’s medium endurance cutters, the USCGC Legare, as the sole medical staff for approximately 104 sailors that would patrol various area of the Caribbean conducting drug interdiction, law enforcement, migrant interdiction, to name a few. My final tour in the Coast Guard was serving as the IDHS at Sector Long Island Sound in New Haven, Connecticut. Ensuring medical readiness, providing care, assisting with medical waivers and medical referrals for a patient population of a few hundred members dispersed over six different commands. After a 17-year career in the Coast Guard and 15 years of my career spent in the Coast Guard medical services community, I have recently retired and am ready to assist you through the medical process of application in any way I can.

I look forward to hearing from you!

  Mrs. S. Castineira
Mrs. Shannon Castineira
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
31 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320
Tel: (860) 701-6775