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Having the Time of My Life

(Academics, Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Sakowicz Photo It’s almost the end of September and I can hardly believe it. I reported in three months ago, but it feels like R-Day was yesterday. CAP week provided a smooth transition from Swab Summer to the academic term. It’s like our cadre kept trying to tell us - you have to hit the ground running.


This semester I am taking Chemistry I, Calculus I, Composition and Speech, Leaders in U.S. History, Statics Engineering and Design, and Swimming. All my teachers are great and really help me out when I’m struggling. My time management has improved drastically over the past month alone.


My fellow fourth class and I have been having tons of fun running spirit missions and having an all-around great attitude. Being the smallest class in a very long time, our bonds are really strong and we can all depend on each other with anything, whether it be with homework, family issues, or just cleaning for Formal Room and Wing.


I cannot say enough how happy I am to be here. I decided to apply two years ago, accepted the opportunity to attend Marion Military Institute; a Coast Guard prep school, powered through Swab Summer, and now here I am having the time of my life even if I stay up a little too late studying for my tests.


'Til Next Time,
4/c Emily Rose Sakowicz


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