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Boards and Beyond

(Athletics, Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Sakowicz Photo Happy new year everyone! Coming back was a little hard, leaving all my friends at home was sad but I was more than happy to return to my Academy friends. Second semester as a fourth class is infinitely better than it was in the fall. The main reason? Boards. Most fourth class are scared, it’s an oral exam on Coast Guard knowledge learned throughout your fourth class year, but privileges come with it as you pass. Music out loud and no more note cards, it’s a 4/c dream!


Classes this semester are also a lot easier, they are a harder level but after a semester here I have better time management skills. I need it because I am currently playing water polo this semester. It’s a club team and a ton of fun, my teammates are fantastic and the activity helps me relax after a difficult day. Calculus II and Fundamentals of Navigation are probably my favorite classes because navigation is super salty and Calc II is fun.


Spring break is in three weeks so it’s a race to pass boards and do well in my courses before a bunch of my shipmates and I fly down to Puerto Rico for a week. I love the Academy; it allows me to travel and have fun while also learning to be a leader of character.


Feel free to ask me any questions! 



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