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cadet blogs

Faith, Reflection, and Meditation

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Glick Photo As November comes to a close, I am reflecting on how much time has flown by. Between the exams, presentations, band practices, long runs, and the myriad other activities I do here, one thing centers it all. Since I’ve gotten here, I find myself in the chapel almost every week on Sunday mornings. I was never particularly religious before I was a cadet, and perhaps praying to pass my exams 4/c year introduced me to the greater importance of having faith in all aspects of my life. Experiencing loss here at the Academy with the passing of one of our classmates and experiencing frustration with academics and military matters in Chase Hall is what drives me to seek out a greater peace and calm on Sunday mornings. But celebrating our successes, triumphs as young people, and our enduring spirit is what also drives me to the fellowship of faith here at the CGA.


I also take part in Men’s Accountability Group, a club sponsored by the Chaplain’s office. MAG is a group of roughly 20 cadets who meet for lunch every Friday to discuss contemporary faith issues that face our generation or something that applies to our busy lives as cadets. We meet with Chaplain Dickens, the protestant chaplain here at the Academy. The chaplains here are actually U.S. Navy officers who are assigned to the Coast Guard and wear Navy insignia, but they wear Coast Guard uniforms. This is an all-male group, and the female counterpart is known as Women’s Accountability Group. Once a semester or so, both groups meet for lunch.


The chaplains here have broadened my perspectives about faith and the way I see the world. One in particular, CAPT Van Dickens, has helped me grow as a person of faith over the past two and a half years here. I am grateful that he has helped guide me to worship, faith, and fellowship here at the Academy and also being a constant source of personal and professional advice.


Aside from attending worship services on Sundays and participating in MAG, I also play offertories and music on the trumpet with the Academy’s organist and vocal music coordinator. This is my way of expressing my faith on a personal level with a skill that I can share with everyone. I also traveled last spring break to Ireland through a trip organized by the Chaplain’s office, which was quite the experience. All in all, I am glad I have this centering power of faith and fellowship here at the Academy. It keeps me going through the many different emotions and experiences while here as a cadet.


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