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cadet blogs

Continuing the Legacy

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2019) Permanent link   All Posts
Fenster Photo Originally, I hadn’t seriously thought about joining the Coast Guard. It was always just another thought in the back of my head; something that would pop into the forefront of my brain every now and then but never seemed to have a serious impact on my future plans. I always assumed that I would wind up attending a liberal arts institution, majoring in math, and finding an internship (and eventually a job) with a corporation that shared a common interest. I never thought I would wind up at a federal service academy.


I even spent the entire summer prior to my senior year of high school travelling from university to university exploring the multitude of potential academic tracks ahead of me. I was destined, it seemed, to be a liberal arts connoisseur—it wasn’t until I received an email in early September from the swimming coach that I even considered the Coast Guard Academy to be a viable collegiate and professional option. Even after looking briefly into the Academy, it didn’t really seem like a place that would foster my educational and developmental goals.


One day, however, I was perusing the Academy website and stumbled, quite accidentally, onto the “Cadet Blogs” section. Interested, I clicked through and read a few blog posts—and instantly, I was hooked. The experiences each cadet wrote about showed the ups, downs, ins, and outs of the Academy. It wasn’t a normal recruiting tool (I never saw any other college allow student representatives to discuss the more negative parts of their experience), but ultimately, it became one of the deciding factors in my decision to attend the Academy.


Because my decision to come here was based in part on the experiences described in the cadet blogs, I wanted to continue that tradition. I wanted to make an impact on prospective cadets, as the cadets last year did on me. I yearn to share my experiences with the future of the U.S. Coast Guard, and hopefully, learn a little about myself and my classmates along the way.


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