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cadet blogs

A Different Perspective

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2019) Permanent link   All Posts
Llewellyn Photo When I started high school, I never would have dreamed I would spend my four years of college at the Coast Guard Academy. My father had joked with my siblings and me for years that we would all end up at a service academy like he did, partly because of the great opportunities they offered but mostly because my parents had six children, and we were on our own to pay for college. When I entered high school, I didn’t think the military was the place for me. Maybe my older sister or my younger brother who both dreamed of being pilots belonged at an academy, but I just wanted a normal college experience…not Swab Summer and military obligations. It wasn’t until the week before May 1 that I finally admitted to myself that I had simply been afraid of failing and that four years of hard work was worth it to get the chance to serve my country. Now, five months later, Swab Summer, something I had stressed about for over a year and didn’t think I would ever get through, is over and I am finally a fourth class cadet.


I believe the struggles I had deciding to come to the Academy will allow me to bring a different perspective to the blog program than those who have been dreaming of attending this school their entire lives. I want to be able to tell those prospective students who are in the same position that I was all of the reasons why the Coast Guard Academy will be the best decision they will ever make. Anyone can find out how the Academy molds its cadets into leaders, gives them a free education, and provides them with incredible jobs after graduation. However, in these blogs, I will have the chance to tell the candidates all of the great things about this place that one will never find in a brochure. Perhaps I will be able to say that one thing that they need to hear to tip the scale and join the best branch of the military.


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