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cadet blogs

Why I Want to Blog

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2020) Permanent link   All Posts
Gavin Photo The past three summers of my life I have spent here at the Academy in one way or the other, through AIM, CGAS, and now Swab Summer. I came for an overnight visit during my senior year; I spoke with the swim coach and my admissions officer on a regular basis. I knew people who were at the Academy and people who had already gone through. I spent nearly every day leading up until when the application was released pretty much obsessed with the Academy. One of the things that I obsessed about was the Cadet Blogs. It became routine: check my email, check the blogs, google other blogs.


Even when I was at prep school, these blogs give a sense of connection to the Academy that newspaper articles and stories don’t. The connection to cadets, some of which were eventually to be my cadre, helped make Marion, Alabama seem not too far away. The reason I chose to blog is because I want to be of help to those prospective cadets and to feel that connection that I relied on so heavily. I want to be their reminder that while the Academy, however ominous it may look beyond the gates, is filled with normal kids with the same goals as them. I would love to be able to answer questions or advise both students and parents about all the different opportunities and ways to get your name remembered to help with the admissions process.


Additionally, writing has always been sort of second nature to me. At prep school, I got the English award in a class were all we did was write different types of essays. It’s both relaxing and a very effective stress outlet that I would love to be able use productively.


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