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cadet blogs

From a Nervous High-Schooler to a Blogger

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Just for Fun, Class of 2020) Permanent link   All Posts
Hill Photo I want to be a blogger because I want to be there for the kids who are undecided and really nervous about the possibility of coming to the amazing Coast Guard Academy. I was one of those high-schoolers who was anxious at not knowing what to actually expect. Further, I want to provide an accurate and positive (because it’s true!) representation of the Academy. I love being here and I want to help others.


I made it through Swab Summer and have completed my first few weeks of school. By the way, my one week aboard the USCGC Eagle was super fun! I enjoyed getting to know enlisted members of the Coast Guard, learning more about ships, what it REALLY means to be a shipmate (teammate), and about navigation. I also, weirdly enough, enjoyed cleaning the ship. I have developed a knack for cleaning places I never knew existed thanks to the tutelage and guidance of my Swab Summer cadre. So, yes, sometimes things get a little overwhelming during Swab Summer and at the Academy, but if you just keep a calm mind and develop a practical approach to each task, nothing is "hard." I realize that all of the intense situations that I do experience are meant to prepare me for life as an officer in the fleet. I am never truly afraid because I know I have my friends (shipmates), and all of the Academy staff and Coast Guard men and women supporting me and I am there to support them as well.


I have had so many positive experiences here already, a lot of inside jokes and just funny moments with my classmates—whom I have gotten to know super well (it just happens during Swab Summer; trust me).


Okay, so this thing about “Oh 4/c cadets don’t get enough sleep” is not completely true. I make time for sleep. End of story. I do my homework when it is assigned in an area where I can concentrate and then I have time to go to bed by 2200. I have my whiteboard and giant desk calendar to organize myself so that it makes it easier to budget my time. However, I am a really light sleeper, so it is kind of difficult when my roommate decides to stay up later to do her homework and then comes into the room (I still love my roommate though—she gets me). For this, I have invested in some ear plugs, an OBJEE the Bear PillowPet, and a sleeping mask. I am definitely nervous for upcoming assignments, but it is nothing that with organization and effort, I can’t handle. I AM excited, though, for Spirit Week coming up—it’s my debut as a cheerleader during the pep rally so I hope I don’t mess up, but I will just have fun with it. The girls on the cheer team are actually really sweet and nice and many of them had never cheered prior to coming to the Academy either. I decided that doing a varsity sport like softball would take up too much of my time, plus I am kind of tired of playing the same sport since I was five years old.

Smile and stay goofy y’all!


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