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From Prep School to Life as a Cadet

(Academics, Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2020) Permanent link   All Posts
Mau Photo The purpose of my blog is to help and maybe inspire others to be open to new things and consider alternative educational options, such as a military academy. When I was a junior in high school, my mom first presented the idea of the Coast Guard Academy to me and I thought she was crazy. I couldn’t picture myself wearing a uniform, marching, being yelled at and becoming a member of the military service. However, after talking with my parents and weighing my options, I decided to accept the scholar position and underwent two and a half weeks of summer training at the Academy, before heading off to Milledgeville, Georgia.


Honestly, I thought prep school was really difficult. As scholars, we took 22 to 24 credit hours each semester, and classes included Calculus, English Composition and Speech, Physics, Chemistry, World Literature and American History. No easy A’s here. However, earning my appointment in the end was all worth it.


As I reported in for Swab Summer (“R-Day”), I could not help but feel a mixture of sadness, anxiety, and relief. Sad to say goodbye to my family, anxiety at having to face seven weeks of yelling, and relief that I had actually earned my place in the Class of 2020. Looking back at it now, Swab Summer went by really quickly – mostly what I remember is that it was hot, sweaty and loud!


Transitioning from being told what to do by cadre to the academic year was a big adjustment for me. I knew that the academics here would be challenging, and even with a year of prep school under my belt, I still find them difficult. The semester has actually been going by pretty fast though; I’m really looking forward to the start of fall, Thanksgiving break, and sharing my experiences here at the Academy as a cadet!


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