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cadet blogs

I’m Here to Serve

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2020) Permanent link   All Posts
Opas Photo I knew from the get-go I wanted to be in the armed forces. I applied to scores of civilian schools, as well as Coast Guard and the Naval Academy, but almost every campus visit left me feeling unfulfilled. With the exception of Annapolis, the merits and programs of the colleges I looked at presented excellent academic opportunities and generally heralded solid career-starting positions. But they all lacked something the Academy has in immeasurable quantity: a body of individuals passionate about their profession. More specifically: who they are, who they serve, and how they serve.


Not only was this passion evident in every cadet I met when I attended Cadet for a Day, but it resonated in these same cadet blogs that I read as an unsure high school senior, looking to make one of the most significant decisions of my life. Each blog post was as honest perspective into the details of cadet life that one doesn’t necessarily get during an admissions brief. I liked that candor, I liked the diverse array of opportunities, but best of all, I liked how everyone shared a similar vision of service and success.


I would love for my blog to work as a recruiting tool in the same manner the blogs of others worked for me. I feel like if sharing the highs and lows of my journey as a cadet can influence someone else to follow the path I’ve taken, I’ve succeeded as a leader in guiding future generations and setting an example for them to follow. Just maybe, I’ll learn a little more about my shipmates and myself and in the process share that knowledge and wisdom.


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