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Sharing the Dream

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2018) Permanent link   All Posts
Kokomoor Photo The Academy is hard. There’s no question about that. And there are definitely times that I sit back and think, “Why did I choose this?” There were so many options for me in high school, as there are for any senior, but for some reason I chose the early wake-ups and the military obligations, the uniforms and the late nights of homework and tea (I don’t drink coffee, but I need caffeine!). I chose this life because of the drive that I saw in the cadets when I was in high school, the will to do so many things because the reward is just so invaluable. The Coast Guard Academy spans far beyond an educational institution, as I have learned during my time here. It prepares cadets for the real world and the real life of an officer in the United States military.


That’s why I’m blogging, because I wish I knew then what I know now. It would have made my decision to come here far easier. Knowing myself, I may have entered any other civilian college with prospects of being an engineer, an athlete, and a social butterfly; juggling the three with ease and poise. What I know now is quite contradictory. If it were not for the Coast Guard Academy, I very well may have given up on one of those dreams in order to compensate for another. It is the environment and the people at the Academy that push me to work hard in every aspect of my life, never settling for what could have been or for the easy route. Anywhere else, I may have sacrificed my school work for my swimming, or my swimming for my social life, but here, none of that is an option and for that I am grateful. This school is tough, but I know that I would not be where I am today without it, and beyond that, I know that the prospects for my future are boundless as a result of it. This is why I blog, so that others know now, what I wish I had known then.


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