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National Memorial Day Concert

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Glick Photo This past weekend, I traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the National Memorial Day Concert featuring Laurence Fishburne, Joe Mantegna, Colin Powell, and Scotty McCreery, among other superstars. The concert was featured on PBS on Sunday evening. The concert went by fast, but the real work was done on the day before, which was called “Media Day.” Before I knew it, I was posting live videos on the Coast Guard Official Facebook page, interviewing stars, and recording videos. I even met the Commandant, Admiral Zukunft.


Initially, the CGA Blog Club needed someone to go down to Washington D.C. to represent the Coast Guard, but then Coast Guard Headquarters heard a recent graduate was going, so they decided to give me authority to manage the Facebook page, which was trial by fire. I met all of the stars, including the voice behind the recent Disney movie Moana. I also witnessed the show’s run throughs, stage checks, and met with all of the folks who work behind the scenes. The viewers on Sunday night only saw the tip of the iceberg – there was so much work put into the concert by stagehands, lighting crews, makeup artists, cameramen, and so many others. I learned about what goes into the show and the stories behind each of the people who made it happen. Each one of these people had their own connection to the holiday, and in some way felt like this was their way of giving back to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


Everyone has some connection to a family member, loved one, or friend in the military. The concert itself was emotional, featuring disabled veterans who have come a long way from their injuries, which hopefully helped Americans everywhere realize that Memorial Day is not about BBQs, sales, and having a day off.


One veteran from the recent War on Terror was severely injured in Iraq, and he joined in singing America, the Beautiful. It was an emotional moment, but it helped me, and hopefully everyone else in the audience, remember the true meaning of the holiday.


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