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Pole Vaulting, Diving, Triathlon, Surfing...Oh My!

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Kimura Photo I don’t play a varsity sport, which is totally acceptable at the Academy; after all I’m going to college to gain a degree in civil engineering, not to be recruited to play sports professionally. My freshman and sophomore year, I did pole vaulting with the indoor and outdoor track and field team, and diving with the swimming and diving team. Being on a team at the Academy helped me leave the Academy for sports games and make many great friendships.


Going into my junior year, I decided to focus more on school, which led me to do a sport with a smaller time commitment; triathlon. Triathlon has a short season: from the first day we get back from summer break until early October. It is a club sport at the Academy, which means there are fewer game days and the practices are much more flexible. This season I competed in the Cranberry TriFest in Lakeville, Massachusetts and the Buzzard’s Bay race in Cape Cod. There is a large and growing triathlon community here and an assortment of competition, including students from other colleges.


This fall I had a plan to balance triathlon with surfing. I decided to buy a surfboard this year and was fully committed to going out. Although all of the breaks are in Rhode Island, at least half an hour drive away, it’s definitely been worth it. And with warm days dwindling away, I may need to take out my booties and hood soon. Overall though, just being out on the water with some adrenaline flowing and a change of scenery can be really refreshing and therapeutic.


Lastly, I decided to do my third marathon this fall. My two best friends, a handful of other cadets, and I drove down to Washington, D.C. to run the Marine Corps Marathon. The first 13 miles were a blast; the signs supporters come up with are hilarious. From “don’t trust a fart after mile 10” to “if only the government ran as well as you,” they kept me smiling for most of the way. During the second 13 miles, I was so thankful for Skye and Vicky who kept me motivated to keep up the pace and finish strong. We finished in 4 hours and 20 minutes, which I am ecstatic about.


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