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Lights, Camera, Action: Making a Spirit Video

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King Photo Spirit Week was in November and in preparation for our game against our rivals, Merchant Marine, my friends and I decided to make a spirit video. For those who don’t know, a spirit video is a skit or parody to get hyped for a game. Last year, a few of my friends also made a video and we wanted to make another one.


The first phase was deciding what to do. We wanted to write and perform a rap. I wrote a draft for the lyrics and my friend Sharayah edited them and set them to music. We then recruited others to join us as actors.


The second phase was filming. One Saturday, we started taking video. I did the majority of the taping and Sharayah, Mike, and Mikki did the acting. Together, we did it in front of landmarks such as Yeaton Hall, the library, and the football field. In addition, we showed various parts of cadet life including an inspection.


After editing, it was time for presentation. While it isn’t a masterpiece, it was still a lot of fun to do and it was great to be creative. I hope that spirit videos become more common because they’re a lot of fun to make and present.


Deb's Spirit Video YouTube Icon 


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