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The Honor Concept

The Honor Concept, as practiced at the Coast Guard Academy, describes a relationship that prevails among individuals who, in their dealing with each other and the world at large, believe and practice complete and total honesty and integrity. 

Honor, as a concept, embodies a way of life, an approach in dealing with ourselves and others. People who revere and practice the concept of honor do not lie to themselves or others; do not cheat themselves or others; do not deceive themselves or others; and do not steal. 

The personal and working relationship between cadet and cadet, between cadet and officer, and between officer and officer, must be founded upon mutual and complete trust and integrity. In closely knit societies, such as the Corps of Cadets and the Coast Guard Officer Corps, the relationships established are lifelong. 

In order to establish the proper relationship among Coast Guard men and women, trust and integrity are absolute essentials; it is for this reason that the Corps of Cadets are stewards of their Honor Concept. The following is emblazoned in the tiling of Chase Hall's Quarter Deck: 

"Who lives here reveres honor, honors duty" 

The existence of the Honor Concept as a fundamental basis for cadet relationships carries with it the implication that any person whose conduct demeans or offends this concept has offended the entire Corps of Cadets. Who lives within the walls of the Cadet Barracks reveres honor; honor is our duty!