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Early Action and Regular Admission
Early Action
High school students and active members of the military are eligible to apply for Early Action. Re-applying students in their first academic year following their non-selection decision are not eligible to apply for Early Action. All other college students may apply in the Early Action period and will be reviewed using their final high school transcript. All students are required to submit transcripts from all academic institutions they have attended.

If you complete your application by October 15, you will receive our admissions decision no later than December 24.  

Early Action is non-binding; you are not obligated to accept an appointment, if offered, and you have until May 1 to decide. You may also apply to any other schools you wish as long as you remain compliant with the policies regarding their own Early Action or Early Decision programs. 

Regular Admission
Files for applicants who are not eligible or who do not meet the deadline for Early Action are reviewed under the Regular Admission process that begins in January and ends in March. You must complete your application, in its entirety, by January 15 in order to be considered for an appointment by the Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board. All Regular Admission applicants will be notified of their selection status no later than April 1. If you receive an appointment, you must accept or decline by May 1 or within two weeks of our offer, whichever is later.