Leader Development

“At the Coast Guard Academy, we develop leaders of character. Our mission is grounded in leadership. The Institute for Leadership enables us to take leader and leadership development to the next level of excellence by providing the capacity, assessment and research capability necessary to prepare our cadets and officer candidates for the demands they will face as junior officers in an increasingly complex and changing environment."

Sandra L. Stosz, Vice Admiral, USCG. 40th Superintendent, USCGA, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support

“There is nothing more important than educating, developing, training and inspiring cadets to be leaders of character. Without the Institute for Leadership, we would have educated, developed, trained, and inspired cadets of character…but they would learn to be leaders in the same ad hoc fashion that they did for the first 100+ years of the USCGA. It is clear that leaders were developed… but no one could explain how… or ensure it could be duplicated. The IFL’s work is making this possible, and increasing the likelihood that it will continue.”

J. Scott Burhoe, Rear Admiral, USCG (ret). 39th Superintendent, USCGA, President, Fork Union Military Academy.